Did you know that almost 88 percent of life insurance policies never pay out because they lapse or surrender? It’s pretty shocking to hear. At that point, you, as a insurance agent, may be wondering what to even do with your Policy Sellers’ life insurance policies if it will never even have the opportunity to pay out.

Fortunately, there are other options for your Policy Sellers to benefit financially from their unwanted policies. If they are burnt out from steep monthly premium payments and would rather have the option to access their savings immediately, it’s time to inform them of their life settlement options.

Alternative Life Insurance Options And Benefits.

Your Policy Seller Can Get A Stable Income

By selling their insurance policy, your Policy Seller will be free from paying monthly premium payments. Our network of institutional investors are ready to buy the policy outright and the process takes just a few weeks to complete. One application= multiple bids.

Your Policy Seller Can Financially Benefit

If your Policy Seller is a senior, they might have assisted senior living and long-term care expenses. By selling their policy, they will have the funds to pay for their expenses, stress-free. Best of all your commissions will continue because the institutional investors will never let the policy lapse.

Your Policy Seller Can Receive Immediate Cash

With a life settlement, your Policy Seller will receive a lump sum of cash when their life insurance policy gets sold to an investor in the secondary market.

When you partner with Global Life Settlements , everyone benefits — your policy-holding Policy Sellers, the investors the policy is sold to, and you as the agent. You will still earn commissions on the policy. You can even make another commission if it is a term policy that has to be converted to a permanent policy.

Your Policy Sellers will have the freedom to invest the funds they receive how they wish; They might buy gold or buy a paid up policy or an annuity. 

 Best of all Global Life Settlements is a licensed broker of life settlements and all of the time-consuming administrative duties are taken care of by us. Let us worry about the process and you can reap the rewards! Take advantage of out Book Of Business program or our eXchange program and let us do the heavy lifting. 

If you are interested in joining our team at Global Life Settlements, take the time to fill out the information above— we will get back to you and answer any of the questions you may have.