As an insurance settlements agent at Global Life Settlements, you will want to advertise your line of work to encourage the growth of your client list. From placing ads in newspapers and magazines to having the correct signage in your place of work, building your professional brand through advertising is an effective way to draw in potential clients.

Before you begin advertising, it is important to know our rules and regulations. There are insurance regulations and procedures that are required when life insurance policies enter into the life settlement market that govern the type of advertising you, as an agent, do. If you are an agent with us at Global Life Settlements, this is important information to know regarding advertising, so be sure to familiarize yourself with it as you move forward. Learn the procedures and regulations in regards to advertising before you begin working with clients and their settlements.

What Are The Rules?

A Global Life Settlement agent is not permitted to utilize their own branded advertising. However, agents are able to use approved branding advertising, that of which does not deviate from advertising laws of the state’s department of insurance. Global Life Settlements has advertising materials that an agent may use, and that are compliance approved and meet the regulations of advertising life insurance settlements. As an agent with Global Life Settlements, there are many resources available for use. Advertising and having access to materials is a reserved benefit for agents only, and all materials and resources have gone through an approval process by state departments of insurance.

If you are an agent and you are wondering if you can customize any of your materials to show your name and contact information, the answer is yes, but only on certain types of materials. However, nothing else can be added or modified on these materials other than your name and contact information, and no graphics or design elements can be removed or tampered with. Any printing of your name and information can only be done by our approved vendors.

Global Life Settlements will pay for the following:

  • Any preparation and customization of materials.
  • Any production of ad materials files.
  • One signholder, including a set of five signs, and 25 brochures — not personalized.

The production of materials is a cost that you, as an agent, are responsible to pay, and this includes the following:

  • Newspaper and magazine ad space, and the accompanying fees.
  • Brochure and postcard printing, done by an approved vendor, as well as postage and mailing preparation for any flyers and postcards.
  • Signs and signholders outside of the one Global Life Settlements pays for.


If you are interested in utilizing newspaper or magazine advertising for your insurance settlement practice, Global Life Settlements will provide you with options. You will need to email a representative here to begin your customization process. This is the information you need to include:

  • The ad that you are going to use
  • Whether you want to use a horizontal or vertical orientation
  • The size of the specified ad space in the publication you are advertising in
  • Whether you want black and white, or a full color advertisement
  • Personalization information, like your email and phone number, as well as your name
  • The deadline of the publication you are submitting to. Give around three to five days for your production to be completed at Global Life Settlements. Once they are proofed and produced, you can review and send to the publication. Allow enough time for this process.


Global Life Settlements will provide you with postcard options for you to send to your clients or any prospective clients. You will need to contact your Rep to begin the process. When the customization is completed, your Rep will send you the proof that you will need to review and approve promptly. This is the information you need to include:

  • The postcard that you are going to use.
  • The size that you need — 4 x 6” or 5.5 x 8.5”.
  • How many postcards you need to have printed.
  • Any personalization information, including your email, phone number, and full name.


You can send brochures to your clients or any prospective clients. Contact your Rep to get the process started. They will send proofs for you to review when completed. When you contact your Rep, include the following information for your brochure customization:

  • The type of brochure you want to use.
  • How many brochures you need printed.
  • Your contact information for personalization, including email, phone number, and full name.


Global Life Settlements will provide you with proper signage that can be placed in your office or a lobby to catch the attention of prospective clients. You will receive a set of five signs, as well as 25 non-personalized brochures. This will also come with a signholder. If you need to order any more signage, contact your Rep.

Becoming An Insurance Settlements Agent With Global Life Settlements

Life settlements can be a very beneficial option for policyholders who are needing or wanting to get their policies off their hands. Whether their annual premiums are becoming too steep or they want some additional funds to enjoy their retirement years, policyholders should know that their life insurance settlement options are viable and work in their favor.

At Global Life Settlements, we believe that everyone can benefit from insurance settlements. The policyholder can receive a substantial lump sum of cash in exchange for selling an insurance policy; the agent working with the client will continue to earn high commissions and their residual income, as well as get access to incredible resources that work toward their success; and the investors who purchase the policy will have the freedom to invest it how and where they wish. When you partner with us, your chances of succeeding are high.

For further information on joining our team of agents, or if you have any questions regarding the rules and regulations of advertising your professional through Global Life Settlements, contact us today. We are happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.