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Are you interested in adding Life settlements for your agents through your firm? Here at Global Life Settlements, we are committed to providing you with all the resources necessary to be successful. When your Policy Seller decide to sell their life insurance policy through our buyers’ network, everyone benefits. You, as the agency, will continue receiving your residual income. In fact, with every life settlement, you will receive a referral bonus. Our partner program will show you how to find the policies in your Policy Seller list. Then we will do almost everything else for you.We do all the heavy lifting and you reap the rewards! Contact us today for more information on our Partner Program.

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So how do we sell your Policy Seller life insurance policy to an institutional investor? Once the insurance policy qualifies for a settlement, we get the policy ready to present to our network of Institutional Investors. Underwriting, medical records, Life expediencies etc. You just sit back and relax.We do all the work for you.We will take the policy to the secondary market for institutional investors to bid on it. Once your Policy Seller accepts the highest offer the policy will then be sold to an institution (Global Fund) and your Policy Seller will receive a lump sum of cash in return for it. The global fund will take over the policy and premium payments. You, as the agent, will still see your residual income, and more.This option of selling settlements provides the Policy Seller with a better death benefit rather than cashing out, and you will continue earning your commissions for years to come. Contact us at Global Life Settlements to learn more about our Partner Program.


Earn Higher Commissions

What are your firms lapse rates? Life settlement policies don't ever stop paying their premiums. So your agents never stop getting paid. the process brings new opportunists for success. From new insurance and annuity offerings. Ask us about our referral bonus program..

Fast Transactions

This is a quick life insurance settlement process, the whole process takes anywhere from 8 to 12 weeks to complete depending on the interest of the investors. Round 1. Round 2 Round 3 and so on till we get the price your Policy Seller accepts.We won't stop till your Policy Seller is rolling in the dough. Last year life settlements bough over 2.65 Billion..of face value. up from 1.5 Billion the year before.

Administrative Support

We’ll focus on providing you with the administration and assessments you need, so you can focus on finding the policies.We will get the policies ready to present to our network of institutional investors.We will do all the work for you.

Our Experience

Through our Partner Program you don't have to do all the work. We have the back office to process the settlements and you just find the policies. You can find them in your own book of business.

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