1. 5 Reasons Why You Should Start to Consider Life Settlements Today

    Nowadays, choosing an investment is easier said than done. With all the products sold by different financial institutions, it’s seldom easy to pick one. Some risks need to be put under consideration, if or not there is anything to gain, and what chances of losing one risks. Let’s focus on the easier bit you probably have already invested in and stand to benefit from – Life settlements; a fin…Read More

  2. Life Settlement Options For Your Clients

    As an insurance agent, you may be wondering what settlement options are available for your clients. Since almost 88 percent of all insurance policies never pay out, due to lapsing or surrendering, it’s important to know what financial options are available for your clients and their policies. Your client(s) may be tired of paying steep monthly premiums for their policy, and it makes sense why th…Read More

  3. What Is The Difference Between Life Settlements And Viatical Settlements?

    A life settlement is the process of selling a life insurance policy. Although it may sound fairly straightforward, there are a few different types of settlements: life and viatical. Oftentimes, viatical and life settlements are used interchangeably. However, there are slight differences between the two terms. The main difference between the two types of settlements is simple: the viatical option i…Read More

  4. An Overview Of Agent Information At Global Life Settlements

    Are you an insurance agent interested in adding a life settlement option for your practice ? Helping clients as they show interest in selling a life insurance policy is part of your fiduciary duty. Not only that, but when you team with Global Life Settlements you can rest assured that we are licensed and the process will go smoothly.  Since 88 percent of all life insurance policies never pay out,…Read More

  5. Should You Become A Life Settlement Broker With Global Life Settlements?

    Are you interested in becoming a life settlement agent with us at Global Life Settlements? Maybe the thought has crossed your mind. Perhaps you are interested, but still need more information about the process. Well, you’re in luck because today we’re going to be providing you with valuable information about becoming a settlement agent at Global Life Settlements. From learning about your commi…Read More

  6. Do You Qualify For Life Insurance Settlement?

    Perhaps you are starting to think about retirement and are needing some extra funds to replace the monthly income you have been accustomed to for years. Or maybe your insurance policy is no longer affordable and you need to get it off your hands. While you may be confused and worried in your specific situation, there is an option for you — life insurance settlement. Did you know you can sell a l…Read More